Monthly Archives: February 2017


On Monday the 13th February 2016 I started up a playgroup that meets here at the church hall from 9.30am-11am. It was the hottest day ever which I think deterred some families from leaving their homes but we had two mothers turn up and we had a great time. This last Monday we had 10 kids aged from 6 months to 4 years.

I’ve been praying for an opportunity to reach out to the families and young Mums in the community and when the CWA kindly donated lots of toys and resources it felt like the right time to start this year. I’m looking forward to building relationships, providing support and offering a listening ear.

Eventually the goal is to start a Mainly Music group which a few of us are praying about and planning for. Please pray for God’s guidance and provision in getting this started so that we can have an opportunity to speak the gospel of hope to the families and the future generations of Blackall.